In the first 3 editions we had the honour to greet international teams coming from:


Algeria, Andorra, Belgium, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Moldova, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia & Spain


Starting with to promote this new edition in Croatia lead to already good interest of new countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Slovenia, Montenegro, Serbia, Cyprus and who follows?



In May 2018, the 9th edition has his new base in Greece!

You can find us in ERETRIA on the island of Evia. Only 70 km freeway from the airport of Athens. We choose this place to service all countries who found it difficult to cover the travel costs to Spain, Italy & Portugal. Coming closer to them shall make it more easier for those countries to be present.


We expect to host between 24 – 32 teams from all over Europe & Africa.

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the hotels WHICH we offer to our teams


This year we could arrange to have access to 4 hotels in the Zelena Laguna area.


The 3*** hotel are in fact two, sister hotels. The twin hotel LAGUNA ISTRA & GRAN VISTA, and the PLAVI hotel are all good mid-range hotels who have all for the sports-men.


All are in principle complete the same concerning rooms, restaurants, services etc. They are build next to each other. We can’t say in which one you’ll stay in the end, because the Company Laguna will decide that depending how many teams will be accommodated.


A extra advantage is that included in this deal you have beer, wines, water and fruit juice during dinner time + free internet


The 4**** hotel LAGUNA MOLINDRIO has it all! A spacious modern hotel with up to date rooms and a fantastic high levelled buffet style that shall satisfy every person for breakfast and dinner.


Cava to start your day? It has nice swimming pool areas and a fitness room and super modern sauna area (excl.) Its position towards the sport facilities is a bit further than others.


the sport fields


All hotels are in a walking distance from the sport facilities if you’re willing to walk between 700 – 1000 meter but also have enough parking space for those who don’t like walking.



The 4 sport brand new soccer fields with artificial grass are hired by us. 3 to play and 1 to practice. Again we shall use our known tournament schedule.

Three days of early bird playing, from 09:00 until Croatian lunch time 14:00


We made some contacts there and we’ll have a space with seats and umbrellas for shade and the opportunity to buy beverages and grilled snacks.